Young Inventors

If you are young and an inventor then this is your page to read about events, competitions, challenges, quizzes, opportunities and fun stuff to do. We’ll be serious too with e-books on How to Invent and advice on entering international competitions and more …all sorts of things to inspire and intrigue young questing minds!

We believe that children are the future, and we’re excited to see what their creative minds will bring to our world!

The Institute of Inventors and Innovators

STEAM-ing along with your ideas in mind.

Kids Maker Club New

Kids Makers Club meets on the first Wednesday of the month and the meetings are tailored towards tomorrow’s Young Inventors (18 and below). With fun and interactive group sessions, everyone is encouraged to attend and make what they imagine, find solutions to problems and learn all about inventing. To find out more and keep up-to-date with what’s happening, make sure you keep visiting the
Young Inventors page on this website.

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Invent Futures. Global Overview of GLOBAL INNOVATION CHALLENGE 2022

Entries for 2022: