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If you are K-12 young and an inventor (who isn’t?) then this is your page to read about events, competitions, challenges, quizzes, opportunities and fun stuff to do. We’ll be serious too with e-books on How to Invent and advice on entering international competitions and more …all sorts of things to inspire and intrigue young questing minds!

We believe that children are the future, and we’re excited to see what their creative minds will bring to our world!

The Institute of Inventors and Innovators

STEAM-ing along with your ideas in mind.


Delicious & Nutritious K-12 Food Challenge

What a fabulous opportunity this was for all the BRIGHT SPARKS that got going!

Entrants to the 3D Design Competition that closed at the end of August came up tops with some excellent work and solutions using the set theme of designing a solution that could improve people’s lives in our local communities.

Of course, anyone who entered this competition will have found all sorts of positive results and they will grow in ways they might not have thought possible – so well done!

Join us at KIDS CLUB on Wednesday 6th October Zoom 17h30-18h30 and be amazed at the ingenuity of youth inventors from South Africa and all over the world. https://iii-org-za.zoom.us/j/93217339232?pwd=NVhQSmRFdkgrNkM5ME5zNTAzMnBMZz09

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“The future of invention and innovation is in good hands – youth creators are amazing!”

Don’t wait until the last minute!

Our students, who will make up our future, are waiting for us to help them … so
What can we DO with the knowledge that we HAVE that will benefit the youth and society?

GIFT presentations are held 4 times a year and cover and include inventions, innovations and all forms of creativity. And the next one is coming up soon! Don’t wait until the last minute!

Go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojbzAIZBoI8 for a useful introduction to G I F T and because there is still time to register for the GIFT on 16/17 October 2021 by using this website link: https://innovationworld.org/gift-home/gift-sign-up/ students can sign up to be presenters at the upcoming GIFT.

Adults and Educators are also invited to join in too.
By entering your students into the IF.G Challenges and partaking in the Global Innovation Field Trips, your YOUTH INVENTION PROGRAMMEs gain Credibility, Impact, Prominence and Reputation and the Students gain Confidence, Pride, Enthusiasm, Presentation skills, Positive Feedback, they become Role Models, gain Knowledge, get International and inter-cultural experience, make
Global Friends and have an Impact on the world!

Not sure if you can do it? Want to see what other students have done?
Go here to see what happened in July 2021 … it was all so gratifying and exciting.


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