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 What is it about?

A Pitch-it to the Panel™ meeting (unique in this particular format) is an opportunity for any creative person with an invention idea or product to speak confidentially to a knowledgeable and highly qualified group of experienced professionals to help guide them. Our Panelists are serious about the job at hand even though they are friendly and welcoming!

Members of the PITTP™ panel vary, but sessions generally involve a variety of expertise tailor-made for the presenters. Not all Panelists serve on any one day.

Attending a Pitch-it to the Panel™ meeting saves an inventor/innovator a lot of time, wasted effort and money. Once an idea is presented, the Panel discusses all aspects with the inventor. The invaluable advice, guidance and direction given to inventors makes it easier for them to decide what to do next.

Cost to Attend?

The current cost is R625,00. The Pitch-it to the Panel™ service is only available to members so you need to be a member or become a member before you can book a place on ‘Pitch-It’™. It is possible to become a member and book for PITTP™ at the same time, just follow the website prompts.

Costs for Pitch-it TM are being reviewed as from July 2022.

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Would You Like To Meet The Panelists?

This is the expert group of subject specialists who serve on the Panel for our Pitch-it™ days.

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How is it confidential?

Your idea is protected because before you discuss your invention concept or product with the Panel, you are provided with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which is signed by all present at Pitch-it

Who are the Panelists?

The Panel is made up of experts, subject specialists, inventors and professionals and varies for any one session of PITTP™

The following fields are represented on the Panel:

Patent Attorney/s, Industrial Designers, Engineers (different disciplines), Electronics specialists, Product Developers, Designers and manufacturers, Inventors, Funding Advisors, SME Business Consultants, Marketing, Sales and Branding professionals, an Actuary, a Licensing Consultant, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

Not all serve on the Panel at any one time


Pitch-it to the Panel™ is a premium service for Members only 

Our virtual Pitch-it to the Panel™ sessions (using Zoom) have proven to be successful. Some people miss the face-to-face versions but these virtual sessions are likely to remain in place for several reasons but mainly because they allow anybody from anywhere in South Africa or the world to access the confidential services of our varied and specialist panel of experts. Pitch-it to the Panel from the III is something quite unique in this particular format.

Pitch-it to the Panel™ – Contact us to Book a Session

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Payment Details: 

  • Bank: Standard bank
  • Branch code: 004305
  • Account holder: The Institute of Inventors and Innovators
  • Account number: 004780205
  • Account type: Current
  • Reference:  Name & Surname
  • Send: Proof of payment to secure your seat.
  • Email: info@iii.org.za
  • Swift: BIC code: SBZAZAJJ

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“Invest in this golden opportunity it will most likely be the gateway to your future as an inventor. Your idea along with your questions will are addressed by a panel of qualified, experienced and highly capable people who think like you do and who understand what drives you … get reassurance and peace of mind, go to a Pitch-it meeting.”

Nick Neil-Boss

“I had the privilege to ‘Pitch-it to the panel’ earlier this year. May I use this opportunity to thank you and the Panel. I highly recommend your inexpensive, professional service to inventors. Get an expert opinion on the viability and novelty of your idea before spending a fortune on development and patent registration. I will certainly use your services again in the future. Thanks a million."

Johan van Wyk

“PITTP™ is a must for any inventor. The members of the panel have diverse backgrounds and therefore inventors receive valuable advice regarding all aspects of the inventing process from prototyping to branding. The panel will help you dream big, plan well and minimise risk.”

Thokozani M