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Inventor Resources

Below we have a large selection of resources to help any inventor.
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Training Videos
Here are some videos sourced from other inventors that may offer tips and give you better insight on your journey as an inventor. Be sure to watch them!
Site Seeing
Here below are some of the sites we think you will like. They are in no particular order, they will be useful in different ways and if one does not suit you leave itand move on.
Useful Links
Some of these links below may be more useful to you than others … and then one day, what you thought was not as useful then may be just the one you want to look at or follow now.
The Institute receives enquiries about inventions and innovations daily and it’s interesting to see that many of these are similar because the same issues come up repeatedly.
SA Commuter Radio
SA Commuter Radio content, interviews and music is for South Africans locally and abroad.
All sorts of entries will be found here – and for the most part we will be writing about III business, advocacy issues, trends, news, views, events, media reports, podcasts, photos and more.