The Institute of Inventors and Innovators

Ken Hawksworth - Chairman III
C. Eng, M I Mech.E, MCMI

Invention and Innovation are an essential part of life.

The III has served South Africa well since 1974 and in the spirit of innovation, continues to promote and support any form of creative thinking. As a registered non-profit company, the Institute seeks sponsorship and funding in order to continue to perform its work. With your help we could fund several projects to better serve our members, promote invention and innovation in South Africa as well as keep current with modern invention practices.

We seek strategic partners (and other interested parties) who can help us achieve our goals and continue to support our members. Further, our credibility and trust with funders and sponsors is established by providing frequent updates and progress reports to all parties. In this way all participants are able to track the results of general and Corporate Social Investment spend.


In order to continue to serve and upgrade our service offerings to the South African inventing community at large, we seek financial aid and various forms of sponsorship. Special projects all of which could become self-funding might include:

  • Developing an ‘in-house’ virtual education and training course which covers The Invention process from ideation to commercialisation.
  • Establishing a Bursary Fund for approved short-course study and practical skills development,
  • Setting up a 6-month mentorship programme to nurture young inventors;
  • Producing webinars and YouTube training videos to suit South African invention and innovation needs,
  • Organising an annual 2-day Hybrid Training and Educational Conference;
  • Designing and running how-to workshops; makers spaces; webinars; competitions; open innovation and licensing; IP protection and K-12 STEAM activities with international participation for South African youth.
  • Other

PLEDGES and how it WORKS:

You decide on the amount of your pledge. The III administers the required documentation while the money stays in your bank. With a pledge, you promise to pay, on demand from the Institute, a certain amount to be used for individual inventors. The III endorses an applicant inventor and after an exacting application and award process, you deduct an agreed amount requested from your pledge and pay this directly to the inventor. You maintain control over your funds. Pledges can be anything from R2000 to R50 000 with figures above R3 000 being paid out in tranches most usually on different occasions and to different candidates over time. The whole process is monitored by the Institute and the Pledge party can request a detailed report to see how money is used at any time.

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    Most often, beyond family and friends, there’s no funding available even for the simplest of steps such as producing a prototype or protecting IP. The risk is too high and sensibly so, but that doesn’t mean the need diminishes in any way.
    The rules of obtaining funds usually include specific in-depth business plans and turnover figures for the first 6-18 months of trade, given that an inventor chooses to open a business. IDEA INVENTORS haven’t got there yet … and even if an inventor chooses to license an invention idea, the finance needed to find an open-innovation Licensee can be just as elusive.


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    What ever you see was invented by someone … from a gem clip to a space rocket! If you’re in your home or office no doubt you can see many things including a computer, a pencil, a combination printer; a wall clock and, well, everything We take so much for granted! Creative and enquiring minds solve problems all the time, products, services, methods, apps are upgraded, improved, redesigned, discoveries made and innovation happens regularly.

    As you can imagine, the journey an inventor takes goes far beyond a ‘good idea’. It’s a journey fraught with challenges and obstacles and one that certainly needs self-determination and perseverance.

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    The sad truth is that everyday people who have really good ideas fall by the wayside too often. Inventing is an expensive exercise and if done properly, costs a lot of money and other resources to bring anything to fruition. It’s not easy to be an inventor and it requires all sorts of different skills to get ‘there’… from research and ‘testing’ to protecting intellectual property, prototyping, product development up to launch and beyond. Creative people with innovative and inventive solutions to pressing problems don’t see the light of day. Licensing? Venturing?
    It doesn’t matter.

    We thank you for any and all support you can provide.