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Who we are

Do you need help with something you invented? Do you have an idea and now you’re not sure about what to do next? If so, you’ve come to the right place.
Let us assist you.

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“The greatest invention of the 19th century was the invention of the method of invention.” Alfred North Whitehead.  


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Essentially PITTP™ is a confidential service (we all work with signed NDAs) for members only that gives an inventor the chance to interrogate, pitch and present a business concept or product to a Panel of professionals and subject specialists. It provides a real chance to move your invention idea or project forward in the right direction.

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The III Inventors Club

The III Inventors Club meets the first three Wednesdays of the month from 17h30-18h30 SAST via Zoom. Each week has a different theme and interesting and useful talks and discussions, specifically arranged for Inventors, take place. Come and listen to both local and international speakers share their knowledge and wisdom. The Inventors Club takes a break annually in December.

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Support Services

We keep on changing as updated, new or expanded services are added. Check out our main headings and dropdowns; fill out our surveys, see what’s on offer from Inventors Club, go to Inventor resources or site seeing, watch international training videos, get answers from FAQ, articles and Newsbriefs and more. Steps to help you License your product? Those too!

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Are you a Young Inventor?

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