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Do you need assistance with something you’ve invented?
Do you have an idea and you’re not sure what to do next?

If so, then you've come to the right place.

Since 1974 the Institute of Inventors and Innovators, a non-profit organisation, has served South Africa well and in the spirit of innovation continues promoting and supporting any
form of creative thinking.

We are recognised leaders in our role, guiding and assisting
Inventors, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs on their challenging journey from ideas and concepts to product launch.

In 2015 III joined IFIA – The International Federation of Inventors Associations and in 2019 we were delighted when MEA Markets recognised the Institute in the African Excellence Awards 2019.


Pitch-it to the Panel™

Essentially this confidential service gives an inventor the chance to interrogate, pitch and present a concept or a product to a Panel of professionals. The benefits of the combined expertise, advice and guidance made available cannot be overstated and the value for money of a PITTP™ opportunity is not matched anywhere else.

The III Inventors Club and Eureka!MEET

Friendly and welcoming the III Inventors Club meets three Wednesdays a month from 17h30-18h30 CAT Each week has a different theme and interesting and useful talks and discussions, specifically arranged for Inventors, take place.


Short, colourful and entertaining, Eureka!NEWS covers all sorts of items of interest for everyone – Those who miss the Eureka!MEET can read all about it the following month plus there’s a lot to think about with articles, advice and Institute news. 

We thank our sponsors


Pitch-it to the panel™

“I think if everyone in the world was forced to pitch an idea once in their life we would probably have a lot of solved problems and a lot more money made. There are probably lots of ideas out there that never get discussed, then disappear.”

Liaghn Moolman Inventor
PITTP 16 November 2019


“Thank you for the opportunity given to hear some valid advice about funding. This is a real bug-bear for inventors and start-up people who just can’t get anywhere without some funding. How does a person get started? At least I left that meeting with a clearer idea about what is available.”
Jennifer Sanderson
Eureka meeting August 2019


“This was a lovely, interesting newsletter, a delight to read and enjoy. Filled with useful tips and inspiring stories from those that actually did it (and burnt a few fingers along the way - where the REAL lessons are learned!). Well done! You have set a new standard.
John Godsiff
November 2019

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