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Best Inventions for 2022. Get inspired!
Best Inventions for 2021. Get inspired!
Best Inventions for 2020. Get inspired!
Invent Future Global
Invent Future Global is an international platform for students and educators from across the world to invent, innovate and create … and collaborate.
Innovation World
An inspiring site – encourages and enables creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship for K-12 and beyond. Know what GIFT stands for? Find out here.
Who are the Little Inventors?
Little Inventors is a creative educational organisation that inspires imagination by taking childrens’ amazing ideas seriously
What does the CIPC do?
Register your Business | Maintain your Business | Protect your IP | Business and IP Search
World Intellectual Property Organization
WIPO aims to foster an environment in which creativity and innovation can flourish globally
An excellent repository of information about IP. Learn much that will stand you in good stead no matter where you are in the world.
A comprehensive site that empowers Inventors! Learn about scams and learn how to avoid them. Protect your investments, your ideas and your IP.
United Inventors Association
Inventors Associations across America have so much to offer anyone interested in Invention and Innovation
For Inventors, Makers, Innovators and Creators…
“Discover what’s possible when powered by innovation” Lisa Lloyd
National Inventor Club
Founded for like-minded inventors at all stages of their invention ideas with many useful resources.
The number one resource for independent Inventors. Free to join
Invent Right - The Art of Licensing
We help Inventors bring new products to market and offer Professional Coaching. Visit us today
Empowered Inventing Academy
Opportunities for self-directed learning for Inventors
Inventor’s Digest Magazine
The magazine Inventors Digest fosters the spirit and practice of innovation. It educates and inspires independent and professional innovators … the learning never stops!
Yours for the making - Instructables
We make it easy to learn how to make anything, one step at a time. Great website a must visit
Johannesburg-based shared workshop and fabrication studio
Just right for Inventors looking for a makers space and more
How can the Funding Connection help?
Do you need funding to start-up or expand your business? This is a great place get more information!
SME South Africa
… a one stop shop for business owners
Future Proof SA
Future Proof offers winning, real-world and practical experiences and is creating the next generation of entrepreneurs.
Association of British Inventors and Innovators
The ABII acts as a platform for inventors to exchange ideas, information and expertise
Visit The Patent - Invention Magazine today
Great articles for the avid inventor. Read up on new ideas in inventing
Very Interesting - The Magazine that surpirses
Refresh your mind, read up on a great catalogue of interesting ideas
The Wits Woodworkers Association
For those interested in woodworking. Great site to help guide you
Invention and Innovation
This free course is a serious introduction for Inventors, Designers, Engineers and Technologists

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