The Institute of Inventors and Innovators


Why Join?
There are many good reasons for belonging to the III and then there is yours!
The camaraderie, the networking, the intelligent and continuous help
at your finger-tips from a trusted well-established source
makes being a member of the Institute
simply a sensible decision.

Inventing is a lonely road as it must be,
for who knows more about your idea than you do – but you do not have to be alone.
There are many who have been where you are and who are willing to help.

Who can Join?
Membership of the Institute is open to inventors and innovators, professional business people, non-inventors, corporates, suppliers and service providers … and anyone else interested in the inventive process. We get together regularly to discuss topics of interest to inventors.

Do you have time to volunteer? Would you like to speak to the group?
Do you have some ideas on how to do things better? Let us know!

  • Member Certificate with unique membership number.
  • Access to MEMBERS ONLY areas of the website.
  • Access to member services like Pitch it to the Panel™ 
  • Discounts and other preferential rates. Supplier discounts.
  • Access to funding opportunities from our Sponsors.
  • Between ages 21 and 62 current LIFETIME joining fee is R375,00. There are no annual renewals, you pay only once to join the Institute.
  • Below age 21 and above age 62 membership is free. Proof of age needs to be provided.
  • For those in the FREE membership categories, if you wish to upgrade your membership to PAID status please send proof of payment to info@iii.org.za. Your Membership Certificate will be updated and you will get a new membership number. With this you will be able to access all III members only services.

Other categories include:

  • Corporate members: pro-rata R2400 p.a. renewable annually in March.
  • Professional Members. On payment of the prevailing joining fee, Lifetime membership is available to Professional individuals who are not necessarily inventors. The once-off fee (no renewals) is currently R375.00  Please enquire
  • Friends of the III are individuals or groups or professional volunteers who donate or sponsor or become involved and active in the affairs of the Institute.
  • Bank: Standard bank
  • Branch code: 4305
  • Account holder: The Institute of Inventors and Innovators
  • Account number: 004780205
  • Account type: Current
  • Reference: Your full name.
  • Please add a cash deposit fee as necessary
  • Send: Proof of payment to get your membership number.


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Get Invention Help Today

Tell us about your invention needs, and we’ll see what we can do to

assist or point you in the right direction, Rest assured, confidentiality is important to us.

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