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Why Join?

The camaraderie, the networking, the intelligent and continuous help
at your finger-tips from a trusted well-established source
makes being a member of the Institute
simply a sensible decision.

Inventing is a lonely road as it must be, for who knows more about your idea than you do – but you do not have to be alone. There are many who have been where you are and who are willing to help.

There are many good reasons for belonging to the III and then there is yours!

Who can Join?

Membership of the Institute is open to inventors and innovators, professional business people, non-inventors, corporates, suppliers and service providers … and anyone else interested in the inventive process. We get together regularly to discuss topics of interest to inventors.

Do you have time to volunteer? Would you like to speak to the group?
Do you have some ideas on how to do things better? Let us know!

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Membership of the III is currently under review and will be changing as from 1 June 2022
We invite you all to join.

By becoming a member of the Institute of Inventors and Innovators – III – you’ll have access to and become part of a vibrant and progressive Inventor community, participate in activities and events throughout the year and get all the knowledge and advice you will need to commercialise your ideas. Your inventor’s journey is one full of challenges and it makes sense to share that journey with the experts you will meet along the way who are there to help you get to where you want to go!

Queries? Go here and tell us how we can help you.

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Membership of the III is currently under review and will be changing as from 1 June 2022

Presently we have two categories of membership and our current members have options to work within these.

  1. Free (up to age 21 and above age 62)
  2. R375 paid once for LIFETIME membership.
  • After June 2022, the III will honour promises for all previous registered LIFETIME members, but there will be new options available to you.
  • All members who joined below age 21/25 and above age 62 will retain their free membership and continue to get all benefits available to General members.
  •  ***All LIFETIME members need to re-apply for membership so that we know you wish to remain active members of the III, so that we have your updated details and so that we meet the requirements of the POPI Act.
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Inventor, Innovator or Creator to 18yrs
  • Complete a membership application form in full which includes parental permission to partake in Young Inventor activities.
  • Pay fees and send proof of payment to
  • Renew fees and update contact details by 30 April annually.
  • Able to unsubscribe at any time (no fee refunds).
  • Certificate of membership
  • Entry and access to all Club events, meetings and resources.
  • Access to support facts, tools and resourceful links for youth Inventors and Innovators
  • Free participation in youth membership activities which includes KidsMakersClub workshops and events
  • Entry into all S A competitions (does not include possible competition costs)
  • Entry into international events including IF.G (Invent Futures. Global) and GIFT (Global Innovation Field Trip) and others. (does not include possible competition costs)
  • Opportunity to represent self, school and South Africa globally.

Welcome the Institute of Inventors and Innovators!

  • Bank: Standard bank
  • Branch code: 4305
  • Account holder: The Institute of Inventors and Innovators
  • Account number: 004780205
  • Account type: Current
  • Reference: Your full name.
  • Please add a cash deposit fee as necessary
  • Send: Proof of payment to get your membership number.
  • Email:

Free Member

Free / Lifetime
  • Access to all Free Membership Content
  • Member Certificate with a unique membership number

Paid-up Member

R375 / Lifetime
  • Access to members only services on the website
  • Access to members services like Access to member services like Pitch-it to the Panel™.
  • Preferential places for K-12 Student inventors for international competitions
  • Supplier discounts and other preferential rates
  • Access to funding opportunities from our Sponsors
  • Member Certificate with a unique membership number