Why Join?

The camaraderie, the networking, the intelligent and continuous help at your fingertips from a trusted well-established source makes being a member of the Institute a simply sensible decision.


Who can Join?

Membership is open to inventors and innovators, professionals, service providers, entrepreneurs, suppliers and corporates. We get together regularly to discuss topics of interest to all.


have been updated and take immediate effect. .

We invite you all to join.
By becoming a member of the Institute of Inventors and Innovators – iii – you’ll have access to and become part of a vibrant and progressive Inventor community, participate in activities and events throughout the year and get all the knowledge and advice you will need to commercialise your ideas. Your inventor’s journey is one full of challenges and it makes sense to share that journey with the experts you will meet along the way who are there to help you get to where you want to go!  
What Type of Member are You?

We have 3 different membership categories available – look below
to see which one suits you best.


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(No new members as from 1 November 2022)
Inventor Innovator Membership

  • The III will honour promises for all previously registered LIFETIME members, but you may upgrade to Premium member status to include upcoming Premium membership only benefits.
  • All members who joined below age 21/25 and above age 62 will retain their free membership and continue to get all benefits available to Lifetime members.
  • All LIFETIME members need to renew membership
    • so that we know you wish to remain active members of the iii,
    • so that we have your updated details and
    • so that we meet the requirements of the POPI Act
    • Opportunity to renew ends 31 March 2023
  • Includes access to all open sections of the website packed full of useful information for inventors.
  • Attendance at Eureka!MEET Inventors Club monthly public meeting in-person or via Zoom.
  • Quarterly Newsbrief
  • At any stage Lifetime members may upgrade their membership to paid-up status by joining as a Premium member
  • An option to unsubscribe at any time (no fee refunds).

Renew by 31 March 2023

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Inventor, Innovator or Professional Membership
R500 annually – April to March
R250 pro rata – October to March
International $45 annually


  • Complete and submit membership application/renewal form
  • Pay fees and send proof of payment to
  • Renew fees annually or drop back to Standard category.
  • Fill out membership survey

Includes access to all
Member Services and Benefits:

  • Access to recordings of Club Events.
  • Access to Pitch-it to the Panel™ sessions and other members only services such as Patent search, PPA filing, PQAI – Prior Art Search engine) and other specialist services as added.
  • Preferential rates to webinars, training academy and event days.
  • Access to Premium opt in/opt out WhatsApp Forum.
  • Access to Service Provider and supplier networking evenings.
  • Access to monthly (in-person or via Zoom) closed members-only meetings like CLUBNight at Inventors Club.
  • Quarterly Newsbrief.
  • An option to unsubscribe at any time (no fee refunds).
Kids Maker Club New
Young Inventors

K-12 4-18yrs – R240 / yr   US$20


  • Complete a membership application form in full which includes parental permission to partake in KidsMakersClub activities.
  • Pay fees and send proof of payment to
  • Renew fees and update contact details by 31 March annually.
  • An option to upgrade to Premium membership
  • An option to unsubscribe at any time (no fee refunds).


  • Certificate of membership
  • Entry and access to all Club events, meetings and resources.
  • Access to support facts, tools and resourceful links for K-12 innovators.
  • Free participation in KMC workshops
  • Entry into all S A competitions
  • Entry into international events including IF.G (Invent Futures. Global) and GIFT (Global Innovation Field Trip) and others.
  • Opportunity to represent self, school and South Africa globally.
Service Providers

Service Providers Membership
R3000 annually – April to March
R1500 pro rata – October to March
International $180 annually

Offers excellent and beneficial membership advantages, competitive rates and advertising opportunities and more, to companies of any size that may offer any service to inventors.


Company Membership and Sponsorship opportunities
Offers excellent and beneficial advantages to all parties and
companies of any size.

In the meantime if you are interested in finding
out more about MEMBERSHIP please contact
Celeste Mulholland on 072 664 3749 or