What we do...


Based in Johannesburg, the iii is committed to helping inventors and invention business owners to succeed in today’s rapidly demanding business environment and changing marketplace.

The Institute of Inventors and Innovators offers important information, advice and guidance on all aspects of the invention process which includes IP protection, industrial design, prototyping manufacture, licensing, funding, branding, sales and marketing.

Anyone who has had a good idea and tried to develop it to launch status knows that the Invention process is a long road. All understand too that taking any invention to market is complicated and fraught with barriers to overcome.

Join us and get the help you need to get to
where you want to go.

Our Goals and Objectives are:

  • To work with Corporate and Academic South Africa to introduce and encourage an understanding of OPEN INNOVATION and LICENSING for independent Inventors, Innovators and Product Developers. Go here and here for a brief introduction.
  • To offer Inventors access to the most current information on both international and local best practices for bringing product ideas and problem-solutions to market
  • To become a leading resource centre for invention and innovation in South Africa.
  • To encourage and promote South African invention, innovation and manufacture for South Africans
    by South Africans.
  • To develop opportunities for YOUNG INVENTORS by encouraging, arranging and promoting events that celebrate youth innovation, imagination and inspiration.
  • To encourage participation in international events such as offered by GIFT- the Global Innovation Field Trip go here and IF.G – Invent Future.Global go here.
  • To develop and nurture relationships with all stakeholders in all Provinces who have an interest in promoting South African ingenuity and creativity.
  • To work closely with fellow members of IFIA – the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations.
    Go here.