An important message from Robbie Robot!

The July Global Innovation Field Trip is almost here!

But, if you act quickly, there is still time
for you and your students to be part of this global event.

The next GIFT will be 22/23 July (Saturday/Sunday) 
and will be the greatest one yet!

The Global Innovation Field Trip (GIFT) is a 24-hour, live, FREE, on-line event where students in grades K to 12+ can give 10 minute presentations about anything they have done involving innovation, invention and creativity. GIFT’s are held 4 times a year and in 2+ years have featured nearly 1,500 innovators from 61 countries giving almost 900 presentations on a wide variety of creative, new and innovative topics and projects.

To learn more about the Global Innovation Field Trip 
 Registration is simple and easy

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to embark on a life-changing adventure!
The future (and the Robots) will thank you!

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