UIA 2022 Inspire 100

IFIA FULL MEMBER: United Inventors Association of America announces the UIA Inspire 2022 Top 100 Awards


“Innovation and inspiration combine to form the hallmarks of a great invention,” said Carmine Denisco, UIA President. “Inspire 2022 allows us to educate inventors nationally and internationally while providing opportunities to pitch experts to secure product distribution. Now, with the addition of the UIA Inspire 2022 Top 100 Awards, we are acknowledging those products, technologies and individuals who have become the backbone of the world of inventing.”.



1-Automotive, 2-As Seen On TV, 3-Baby, 4-Digital, 5-Hardware, 6-Health and Beauty, 7-Home Fitness. 8-Inventor books. 9-Inventor clubs and organizations, 10-Inventor friendly trade shows. 11-Inventor Podcasts,12-Inventor relations, 13-Kitchen/Housewares, 14-Novelty and Gifts, 15-Outdoor/Gardening. 16-Pet, 17-Rising Stars. 18-Technology, 19-Toys and Games, 20-Young Inventors (Age 25 and below)

“Submissions will be open until July 15, 2022” “Inventions must be commercially available and originated between March 2017 – March 2022 to be eligible”

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