AR- Augmented Reality for Inventors

First of all what is AR? Augmented Reality works by adding “…digital content onto a live camera feed, making that digital content look as if it is part of the physical world around you.” – as defined by blippAR So. Why should inventors consider using Augmented Reality in any way? Well it can add an immersive and interactive element on your sell sheet; you can use it …

to take the place of a prototype when it’s not possible to send one to a company for some reason; it’s likely to be cheaper to produce than a physical prototype or a video ; companies will be able to manipulate your product in virtual and physical space, rotate it, enlarge or reduce size; inspect important details … and all of this in seconds! There is more of course, an inventor just has to think it through to see what more AR could do for them.

Now. How do you get your sell sheet to stand out from all the others that are being presented to open-innovation companies every day? As you can imagine, the Marketing Manager (et al) looks at these submissions but it is only part of their job … and so if your sell sheet has a QR code that effectively puts a working model on their desks then some hands-on and shared excitement starts to build towards that licensing agreement you seek!

Join IGA Managing Director, Courtney Laschkewitsch, and learn how you can make an augmented reality version of your product. Looking for the downloadable document so you can do it to? It is located on the IGA website, go there, join and you find a lot else to help you in your invention quest.

In the meantime watch here:

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