Don’t fall in love with your Idea

Don’t fall in love with your idea – fall in love with the ‘problem’ and then the ‘solution’ and while you are doing that, be adaptable and thoughtful and take note of what others may say. Don’t be so defensive that you close your mind to good counsel.

When inventors get too attached to their specific invention idea/s, they become selective in the feedback that they ‘hear’ and ignore the messages they should listen to. This is also known as ‘confirmation bias’ where creators are more likely to seek information that confirms what they already believe about their ideas; and then, even as they are seeking advice, they close off their minds to hearing anything ‘against’ their ‘baby’ We’ve seen this happen sometimes at Pitch-it to the Panel™ sessions where there have been Inventors, especially newbies or those who have not kept up to date, who lose their objectivity in evaluating their own ideas because they are ‘so in love with them.’

They often think that the people around them just don’t understand. They forget that creating inventing and innovating is an iterative process – it changes and moves and improves all the time. The thing is to stay open to listening. Disagree if you will, just be patient, listen and think first.


The Inventive process includes coming up with many ideas and seasoned inventors know and accept that of those, many of them will not make it. Wise inventors need to accept this and listen … or pay in wasted time and effort and money. Sometimes thing like the customer who is going to buy the ‘product’ helps offset confirmation bias, so try this too when testing the basics.

Watch the short video below from Don Skaggs of Empowered Inventing TV where he offers sound advice about not getting caught like others when

When Love Gets In the Way of Your Product or Startup

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