Dear Educators and Parents!

We were absolutely thrilled to have received the sheer volumes of entries this year! It has been extremely difficult to determine which young creative minds should receive all the different exciting prizes brought to us by SAFRIPOL, our amazing sponsor of the 4th Annual Design Competition. Our partner of this year’s competition, the Institute of Inventors and Innovators assisted with reviewing and judging over the 150 entries received! So a huge shout out to everyone who worked so hard on this competition!

All the designs and entries were adjudicated based on the fulfilment of the main objective of this competition, namely to design an item / tool / aid that can improve learning by using variety of materials but mainly and most importantly re-used or recycled plastic!

The winner of the Flashforge Finder 3D printer (see picture right) was  Aidan Scott, who designed an easily-duplicated vegetable and herb garden made out of re-purposed plastic drink bottles. His garden doubles up as a great tool for a science and/or biology class project and even introduces healthy eating ideas and the joys of gardening. Well done Scott – we can’t wait to see some of your next creations! For his designs and creations the winner of the Vacuum Forming machine was Angel Salubane who also received the Entrepreneur Maker award for his fan made out of recycled plastics. His project can teach children about electric circuits and other products made out of recycled plastic as well as encourage young inventors to become entrepreneurs.  Well done on you Angel, we wish you the best as you pursue your maker skills further.

Top winner of this year's competition - Aidan Scott

In total we are giving away R2000 worth of PNA vouchers to the following participants: 

1. Lungile Msibi – R300 PNA voucher
2. Duduzile Msimbi – R300 PNA voucher
3. Cilulamiko Mwebe – R300 PNA voucher
4. Khenysile Dlamini – R300 PNA voucher
5. Ernest Murdoch – R200 PNA voucher
6. Mieke Rautenbach – R150 PNA voucher
7. Mieke Klopper – R150 PNA voucher
8. Richardt Barnard – R150 PNA voucher
9. Esther Chetty – R150 PNA voucher

Ntokoso Shamase has received a lovely building block game for his balloon car as an award for a great “Science initiative”.

We are looking forward sharing more pictures of our innovators and inventors as they receive their prizes over the next few weeks.