The sponsor’s company name will be associated with the workshop, i.e. ‘*****-III Funding Workshop’, which will translate onto:

  • the ‘Workshop page’ on the III website.
  • workshop reminder emails sent to >500 III members; and
  • the III monthly newsletter advertising the workshop.

The sponsor may also display banners at the workshop.

The sponsor may propose a topic for a workshop.

Future marketing: The III intends to promote the workshops using Adwords, print media (e.g. Popular Mechanics) and other media.

The III offers workshops for:

  • Funding (1 days) (limited to 20 participants)
    • Output: a draft business plan for the participant’s invention
  • Understanding IP, patent searching and IP strategy (1 day) (limited to 20 participants)
    • Output: a patent search report highlighting the protectable features of the participant’s invention and the IP protection strategy appropriate to his/her invention
  • Market research and marketing strategy (2 days) (limited to 20 participants)
    • Output: a market research report for the participant’s invention
  • Optimising products for manufacture(1 day) (limited to 10 participants)
    • Output: The participant’s product will be reviewed to optimise design for manufacture, reduced manufacturing cost and improve ease of manufacture.

Workshops are held at Wits’ Professional Development Hub.

Optional additional workshops: materials and prototyping.

Sponsorship Price: Contact us for more information.