South African Inventions

INVENTING is not for sissies! In no special order we display some of the South African Inventors here.

Congratulations one and all.

Put it Out – Inventor: Toli Altounis.
The Put-it-Out Mini Fire Extinguisher is a top-sealed, air-tight plastic pouch, small, portable, non-toxic and inexpensive and it is the safest, easiest and most cost-effective way to extinguish class A an B starter fires in rural communities and shack cities.
Genio Roasters - Inventor: Neil Maree
Who knew that COFFEE could be such an interesting and complicated study? As an engineering student and a finalist in the 2009 SA National Barista Championships, Neil just knew there was a better way to make coffee besides ‘using some brown powder and creamer!’
Random MaX™ - Inventor: Ken Hawksworth
Random-MaX™ makes pool care easy! It is an Active Drive ™ pool cleaner steering system that guides your pool cleaner all over your pool thus ensuring complete coverage. The Random-MaX™ connector incorporates the original design of Pool Pilot™