The Institute of Inventors and Innovators™ – Sponsorship Opportunities


The Institute of Inventors and Innovators™ (III) has been established as a not-for-profit company that will support and assist inventors.  Most inventors are technical and are not commercially minded and therefore often lack the know-how and experience to develop, protect and commercialize their inventions.  Many inventors are individuals working on their own, inventing in their “garage-workshops”.   There is a huge need amongst inventors for support. The main aim of the Institute will be to provide inventors with cost effective guidance, advice, support services and to establish networks and linkages with other support structures and service providers in the market.  The support services to be provided include advice, training, skills development, assistance with marketing, international commercialization and licensing, patent searches and market research, links to R&D institutions and various funding agencies.

South Africa’s contribution to the world intellectual capital has been on the decline in the recent past.  Statistics show that the number of SA patents that are granted annually in the US patent office over the last 10 years has been decreasing.  In that time other developing countries have caught up with and in many cases overtaken our position. Specialised interventions are needed to encourage and support SA inventors and ensure that resulting intellectual property is protected effectively.

Benefits of the III

  • Minimize costs and time to market
  • Raise the standard and Competitiveness of SA inventions
  • Improve the success rate of SA innovations in the world market

Patents granted in the US Patent Office

1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009
SOUTH AFRICA 110 120 112 87 82 93
CHINA 90 195 297 402 772 1655
INDIA 112 178 342 384 546 679
SINGAPORE 144 296 427 346 393 436
CHINA,HONG KONG S.A.R. 155 237 276 283 338 305
BRAZIL 91 110 130 77 90 103
NEW ZEALAND 114 124 135 122 113 127
IRELAND 90 141 163 156 146 177
RUSSIAN FEDERATION 181 234 203 148 188 196
MEXICO 76 81 85 80 56 60

“I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success… such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything.”…………..Nikola Tesla

What are your Corporate Social Investment Objectives?

The Institute of Inventors and Innovators will:

  • Foster and develop a culture of innovation in SA
  • Harness, develop and enhance the intellectual capital of SA;
  • Assist to develop and secure international commercialization of SA IP and inventions;
  • Harness and utilize the intellectual capital of SA to resolve SA and African challenges
  • Develop new products and SMME’s
  • Promoting entrepreneurship
  • Help to create employment in SA

Information for Sponsors

South Africa is currently directing unprecedented attention towards improving opportunities for entrepreneurship and job creation.  The III has developed a number of unique programmes to contribute to meeting this national challenge.

Sponsors that identify with III objectives within their Corporate Social Investment priorities will undoubtedly find many opportunities for collaboration and sponsorship of the III.

The III resource centre will be a flagship project of the III and will contribute to achieving many of our objectives. It will be primary operational site where various other projects will also be activated. For a more detailed discussion on this on this long-term project please contact us!

Branch Meetings

The III hosts monthly meetings in Gauteng (second Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm)and quarterly meetings in Cape Town.   Talks on subjects relating to invention and entrepreneurship are presented. The talk is followed by discussions,snacks and networking.  These regular contact sessions with our members give us the opportunity to raise awareness on a variety of issues relating to innovation, engage with our members, promote an exchange of ideas and understand the needs of SA innovators.  It provides an opportunity for members to meet with successful entrepreneurs, network with professionals and other members. The informal atmosphere of the meeting and the diversity of topics presented have proven extremely popular with meeting attendance ranging between 70-100 people. Attendance is free.  On an interesting note our meetings have been blogged regularly and with our website becoming more interactive and our Facebook page community growing the discussions extend well passed the meeting. For a list of previous and future speakers please  contact us!

The cost of running Gauteng meetings are R 80 000 per annum. The cost of running Cape Town meetings are R 135 000 per annum. Additional costs of R15 000 will be incurred if the sponsor wishes to video the presentation and host it on a website.  Meetings in Durban and Port Elizabeth could be tested at a cost of R40 000 per session. The III offers the sponsor the opportunity to brand the events, have a visible presence with marketing material at the events and invite up to 20 guests/staff per meeting.+


Inventors and Entrepreneurs are given an opportunity to present their ideas to a panel of experts and they receive feedback on how to get to the next level. The panel includes industrial designers, IP attorneys, funders and inventors. The expert panel volunteer their time during weekends to assist inventors. This session provides a unique opportunity for inventors to receive expert advice. Inventor pay R250 to book a session and have 50% returned on the day, thus far we have a 100% attendance.  Feedback from inventors shows that they find this a very useful service and would often request contact details of the expert panellists for follow-up services.We can only accommodate 8 inventors per session and often have at least 14 applying to present a pitch.

The cost of running 4 sessions per year in Gauteng is R65 000 and 3 sessions in Cape Town per year is estimated at R55 000. Sponsorship of R120 000 will enable us to provide regular effective service in both cities. An additional R40 000 will enable us to run trial sessions in 2 other cities (Durban and Port Elizabeth).  We offer the sponsor the opportunity to brand the events and have a professional panellist represent the sponsor.


The III produces a monthly newsletter entitled Eureka!  It provides updates on various opportunities, events and items of interest.  Circulation is estimated to extend to double the current membership since people often forward the easy to ready PDF document.  Various companies have sought to use the newsletter as a means of communication especially when implementing Open Innovation Challenges.  The newsletter is viewed by members as an important source of information and by stakeholders as a mechanism to communicate directly with the community of innovators in South Africa. Newsletters will be permanently hosted on our upgraded website.  To receive passed issues of the III please contact us!

The cost of upgrading andproducing the Eureka! each month is estimated at R 12 000. An annual sponsorship of R144 000 is required. The III would offer a sponsor the opportunity to provide input on design and layout upgrade, have the sponsors logo featured prominently, provide content on occasion, distribute newsletter to the sponsors’ clients and stakeholders.

Sponsors will receive Publicity and Exposure through III networks

The III has a growing membership. In September 2011 membership was an estimated 40 people, our current membershipin June 2011 was recorded at 360 people.  Our membership is composed of inventors, SMME’s, entrepreneurs, professionals in legal, technical and financial professionals. The Institute has also forged strong partnerships with Government, Academic Institutions, Private Companies and other Non-Profit Organisations.

III sponsors will have a visible presence in the III Resource Centre, on the III website, on relevant marketing material, at predetermined events, and on relevant documentation. The III has been invited to participate free of charge at various technology exhibitions. We have a regular contribution to Engineering News, produce a monthly newsletter and are working with other print media publications. We have been on Talk 702 and 567 Cape Talk on the small business feature and expect to continue providing input. We have been interviewed by the enews channel.  We are trying to expand our radio presence and develop a greater presence on television.  We have also been invited to speak at various conferences. Our media footprint is growing rapidly.

The III will also partner on events that are beneficial to our members and we are willing to work with other organisations in coordinating and arranging relevant events.

For a detailed discussion on III sponsorship opportunities please contact us!

The Institute of Inventors and Innovators is currently operating from:

18 St John Road
Tel.: 011 487 1536

Email:;  Website: