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Our virtual ‘Pitch it to the Panel’ sessions are now held using Zoom and have proven to be most successful. Many miss the face-to-face versions but there will always be these virtual sessions because they allow anybody from anywhere in the world to access the services of our varied and specialist panel of experts … something that is quite unique in this particular format.

This is good news too for inventors working in areas outside
Johannesburg and in other Provinces.

PLEASE NOTE the next PITTP™ meeting has been set for
Saturday 12th June 2021

There are only three places available on this date.

A PITTP™ meeting is an opportunity for an inventor and innovator to speak to a knowledgeable and highly qualified group of experienced people.

The members of the PITTP™ panel varies, but generally involves a variety of expertise.  Attending a PITTP™ meeting saves an inventor/innovator a lot of time, wasted effort and money.

Once an idea is presented, the Panel discusses all aspects with the inventor, including whether or not it can be patented, design, prototyping, manufacturing, tooling, engineering, funding, marketing and who can what else?  The III offers advice, guidance and direction to inventors so they are able to decide what to do next.

The current cost is R625,00. The PITTP™ service is only available to members so you need to be a member or become a member before you can book a ‘Pitch-It’ place.  It is possible to become a member and book for PITTP™ at the same time, just follow the website prompts.

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Before you discuss your idea with the Panel, you will be provided with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which is signed by all present.  In this way your idea is protected.

The Panel of experts, inventors and professionals varies but can be made up of:

A Patent Attorney, Industrial Designers, Engineers (Mechanical and Electrical) Electronic specialists, Product Developers and Designers, Agricultralist, Environmentalist, Horticulturist, Funding Agent, Actuary, Marketers, and Entrepreneurs.

Anyone who pitches an idea is given the benefit of a full band of expertise as required.

  • Bank: Standard bank
  • Branch code: 4305
  • Account holder: The Institute of Inventors and Innovators
  • Account number: 004780205
  • Account type: Current
  • Reference:  PITTP and your full name.
  • Please add a cash deposit fee as necessary
  • Send: Proof of payment to secure your seat.

Eureka!MEET & The III Inventors Club

Coming up:

Join us in May on 5th, 12th & 19th… interesting things are happening!


Morgan Waterboer, MD of Gqeberha–based MRCRPLASTICS will be talking to us about injection moulding and more. There is not much he doesn’t know about plastics moulding. A real time example of a product made for one of our inventors will be used to explain this process.

The first and only Meetup Group for Inventors and Innovators in South Africa. 

The III Inventors Club was established for many reasons, and all of them with YOU in mind. Since going virtual, Eureka!MEET has needed online platform and joining the Club has proven a very effective in reaching the online South African community, hosting discussions with international speakers, and by adding to our service offerings in increased group events.

The III Inventors Club uses the MEETUP platform via Zoom and meets the first 3 Wednesdays of the month from 17h30-18h30 CAT. This gives us a real and practical opportunity to speak to you more often, to answer your how-to invention questions, to meet and listen to the excellent advice from special guest presenters, to cover exciting and useful topics and to help you improve your skills when it comes to getting your invention idea into a marketable product.

Below is the standard link to ALL Club meetings so keep it somewhere safe so you can access it easily.

To get to the Zoom room, CLICK the link below:


If the link fails – PLEASE COPY THIS LINK INTO YOUR BROWSER. If you do not do this you will not be able to access the Zoom Room!

Each week has a theme:

The KIDS Club meets on the first Wednesday of the Month. Hosted by Petra Rees of Why Toyz, and Inventor Joe Ventura, these events are tailored towards the inventors of tomorrow, kids aged 9 and up. With fun interactive group sessions, kids will be encouraged to make what they imagine, because we learn by doing. #3dmodelling #3dprinting

Eureka!MEET meet every second Wednesday of the month, and its where specially invited guest talks about topics of interest relevant to all stages of idea to market.

Club Night meet every third Wednesday of the month, and these sessions are very interactive, where inventors get to learn about various topics around licensing and how to earn royalties on inventions, if it meets certain neccesary criterea, such as market size and pricepoint.

It is free to join Meetup and then you will get your reminders and notices about future events. Use the link on the left to join the club.

Everyone is welcome at every meeting, though from next year, March 2021, week three will be for paid-up members of the Institute only. Want to join or upgrade your membership? Go here



You will find the links to our monthly newsletter Eureka!NEWS under NEWS. These news briefs are colourful, have bits and bytes so that you can share the reading with everything else you have to do, but they are also short enough to scroll through and read all in one shot!

Don’t be worried about the dates … the material is likely to remain interesting and useful for a long time to come. While you are looking for NEWS, you’ll note links to other interesting and topical articles gleaned off the internet for your information as well as a lot of ARTICLES which cover a wide variety of subjects to keep you thinking!

And there’s more …

There are several new services currently under development so keep coming back to see when they will be available.

They include assistance with protecting your Intellectual Property, Patent searches and ‘How To’ and ‘About’ webinars.

Do you have a specific request or a suggestion? Go to the CONTACT page and tell us about it!


Dear Pitch-it to the Panel™
I would like to thank you very much for the advice I got on three of my products I spoke about. I have gone ahead with my cream, named it, designed my labels, found suitable packaging and now I am building up my business. What you said was worth it to me because I could have made a BIG mistake.

Elma Kriek PITTP™ September 2019

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