Inventors Association Launches to Help Innovative Communities

The Inventors Association of Namibia (affectionately known as IAN) is launching with the mission to help all inventive and innovative Namibian communities foster original thinking. It’s time to bring together our creative problem-solving nation to help themselves and help Namibia!

Our VISION is to ignite INVENTORS, INNOVATORS and Entrepreneurs and all CREATIVE people in this diverse and fascinating land to capitalise on its human ingenuity and to
create, innovate and invent!

Our MISSION is to ensure INVENTORS, INNOVATORS and Entrepreneurs have the platform, and the resources, knowledge, guidance and advice to make this happen.

Our membership-based organization will offer events, help with invention projects, advice and guidance which covers the 10-steps to inventing, and other services useful for inventors and curious kids. IAN is committed to helping its members turn their innovative ideas into reality. We offer a supportive community for inventors at all stages of their journey, from the first spark of an idea to its commercial success. Our aim is to provide the resources, advice and connections you need to turn your vision into reality.

We believe that everyone has the potential to be an inventor, and we are dedicated to supporting the next generation of innovators. We offer a range of programmes and resources for kids (via our collaboration with The Institute of Inventors and Innovators, South Africa, which include webinars, educational resources, competitions and opportunities to join in the global events like IF.G and GIFT. If you are passionate about invention and innovation, we invite you to join IAN on this journey.

Together, we can make your world a more inventive place and use our skills and talents to solve challenges for Namibian businesses and Namibia as a country. Ask IAN!