Leslie Becker


Leslie Becker is an industrial design, innovation and manufacturing specialist. He is an experienced product developer and innovator with a qualification in Industrial Design obtained from the University of Johannesburg. 

He has a resumé of diverse products, developed and produced for clients in transportation, military, medical, educational, toys, pet products and general commerce as well as a wide knowledge of materials and processes. He is able to transform ideas into tangible products for mass production, batch production, and customised single product applications, and for this he uses a range of design processes to take ideas from concept to prototype to market. He is an innovative and lateral thinker, who follows Design Thinking and Biomimicry principles. Leslie is passionate about emerging technologies and materials, and his personal interests include Smart Farming, Alternative Dwellings, Footwear manufacture and Open innovation. He is a self-driven entrepreneur, who is always seeking new opportunities and chasing boundaries.

Leslie is a iii Exco member; his portfolio is Design Competition Manager – Special Projects and he also serves as a PITTP™ Panelist. He offers specialist advice in the fields of product design, prototyping, 3D printing, tooling, packaging and manufacturing.

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