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Remember,our next public meeting is on Wednesday 13th June 2018 and the next “Pitch It To The Panel” meeting will be on Saturday 28th July.



As often happens, trying to solve one problem can lead to solving another. Scientist in the UK have been working on the African scourge of Malaria. The Malaria virus attaches itself to our cells and thrives. The approach the scientists were adopting was to manufacture an enzyme which blocked the attachment of the virus to the cell. During this work, and quite by chance they discovered that the Rhinovirus, the most common cold virus, can be effectively blocked in this way too. This virus is localized in the cells in our nasal passages etc. It is expected that an enzyme treatment could be locally delivered via nasal spray. This would target the infected area directly and could cure the cold in a day or two.It seems to me that with such a swift treatment the likelihood of spreading a cold would decrease dramatically and the infection rate would fall accordingly. Could this be the beginning of the end of the cold?

The Naked Scientist

From iCAN in Toronto:

Dear Inventors, Innovators and all Enthusiasts of Creativity,

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This is a kind reminder that iCAN 2018 Preliminaries application form submission deadline is approaching in 2 weeks! Last call to submit your form(s) will be by June 15th.

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