The III Inventors Club

The iii Inventors Club was created for many reasons,
and all of them with YOU in mind.

Each week has a theme:


meets on the first Wednesday of the month and meetings are tailored towards K-12 inventors, generally from age 4 to 18. With fun and interactive group sessions, everyone is encouraged to attend and make what they imagine, find solutions to problems and learn all about inventing. To find out more and
keep up-to-date with what’s happening,
visit the Young Inventors page.

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takes place every second Wednesday of the month, is a public meeting, open to all. Most usually specially invited guests and presenters talk about current topics of interest relevant to all stages of taking an invention idea to market. The process of inventing is a complicated one and Eureka!MEET is geared to making this journey easier for Inventors.


is held every third Wednesday of the month, and these sessions are workshop style discussions, interactive and discursive. Inventors, Innovators and other creatives get to learn about various topics around inventing skills.

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The Club meetings offer real and practical opportunities and we get together monthly via Zoom on the first 3 Wednesdays at 17h30-18h30 SAST. We aim:

  • to cover all the steps of the invention/entrepreneurial journey and to promote and encourage innovation in South Africa
  • to introduce OPEN-INNOVATION and the LICENSING business model to companies and inventors.
  • to meet and obtain excellent advice from specialist guest presenters
  • to promote and encourage K-12 inventors and innovators
  • to answer ‘how-to’ invention questions and to help members gain the skills needed to turn invention ideas into a marketable products
  • to promote South African manufacture and commercial interests
  • to promote South African participation in global events

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