The III Inventors Club


3rd November – KIDS CLUB

Are you interested in finding out what happens inside an inventor’s brain? What can you do to “train” your brain to become more creative and innovative? Join us at the next Kids Inventors Club for a talk with Dr.  who is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Psychology Department, School of Human and Community Development, University of the Witwatersrand (Wits). Dr Williams’ research on brain evolution, brain anatomy and cognitive neurosciences has been cited in a number of prestigious papers globally. Dr Williams is an astute speaker and a mom of two beautiful curious children.


19th January: Eureka!MEET

Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss founded InventRight in 1999 and just a ‘baby’ search on Google will tell you so much about the services this incredible company offers. InventRight TV? An amazing array of short-burst YouTube video training sessions on every subject that will help you forward your invention projects.

And then there is IGA – Inventors Groups of America – founded in 2017, again with the most amazing offering. What are IGA’s goals? Well they are firstly to teach you about the Inventing Process and how best to commercialise your product ideas, and secondly, to strengthen and support inventors groups throughout the USA (and by default internationally). Join. It’s free to do so and the perks are wonderful. Resources. Information. Access. Support.

It’s easy when you know how!


17th November: CLUBNight!

Benjamin Harrison is a social media specialist (wouldn’t you like to be one too?) What’s more, he knows how to license products and business methods to open-innovation companies. He helps product developers and independent inventors all over the world to get their ideas pitch-ready via coaching, webinars and online courses … and now he will teach us in a hands-on and practical way how to use LinkedIn to identify who you may need to speak to and how to use LI to forward your invention project. Join us!

Inventors Club takes a break in December – there are no meetings and we begin again with Eureka!MEET on January 19th 2022 with a fabulous surprise to get us going for the new year! Watch this space as they say!

The III Inventors Club

The III Inventors Club was created for many reasons,
and all of them with YOU in mind.


The Club meetings offer real and practical opportunities and gets  together via Zoom the first 3 Wednesdays of the month from 17h30-18h30 SAST. We aim:

  • to promote and encourage invention and innovation in South Africa
  • to speak to inventors and creative people more often
  • to serve all our membership categories
  • to answer how-to invention questions
  • to cover all the steps of the invention process, especially for Licensing
  • to meet and obtain excellent advice from specialist guest presenters
  • to include exciting and useful topics
  • to promote and encourage young inventors and innovators
  • to help members improve skills when it comes to turning invention ideas into a marketable products
  • to promote South African manufacture and commercial interests and
  • to promote South African participation in global events

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Each week has a theme:


 meets on the first Wednesday of the month and are tailored towards the K-12 inventors of tomorrow. With fun and interactive group sessions, everyone is encouraged to attend and make what they imagine, find solutions to problems and learn all about inventing.. To find out more and keep up-to-date with what’s happening, make sure you visit the Young Inventors page on this website.

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 takes place every second Wednesday of the month, is a public meeting, open to all. Most usually specially invited guests and presenters talk about current topics of interest relevant to all stages of taking and invention idea to market. The process of inventing is a complicated one and Eureka!MEET is geared to making this journey easier for Inventors.


 is held every third Wednesday of the month, and these sessions are interactive and discursive. Inventors, innovators and other creatives get to learn about various topics around ‘inventing skills’ and these can include licensing, earning royalties on inventions, liaison with agents and Inventor representatives, workshop style discussions.

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