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It’s a privilege to have the world coming to us to share expertise that ‘just can’t be beat.’


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4 May: HOW TO DRAW WITHOUT DRAWING AT ALL. We will introduce you to different tools to create fun badges using 3D modelling software

1 Jun: HOW TO MAKE A MOULD. We will elaborate on our lesson learnt from the 4th May session and make moulds that can be 3D printed

6 Jul: INTRODUCTION TO SKETCHUP AND 3D MODELLING. We are going to introduce more 3D modelling skills to allow for more ideas to be made, existing models personalised and 3D printed

3 Aug: HOW TO MAKE A LITHOPHANE. This time we will turn an image into a lithophane that can be used in many shapes and forms such as a frame, stand and lamp – what a perfect gift and way to make more pocket money!

13 July 2022 – Eureka!MEET


Director of Inventor Relations for Invent Right and an inventor herself, Dana will be speaking on:

Using COLD CALLING TECHNIQUES to do all sorts of things

Very topical right now as many are arguing that Cold Calling doesn’t work anymore.

What do you think?!

13 July 2022 – CLUBNight!

Carrie New

Carrie is a product scout and can save you time and money by giving you candid feedback on your idea or new product. She will be talking about

“How to Make Money with your Product Idea” 

Gain valuable feedback on low cost, high reward invention strategies for success.

We have some exciting speakers coming up who will be speaking on very interesting topics.

These include:
Inventors’ stories – successes and mistakes made
Licensing, Collaborative inventing, Negotiating Licensing Contracts and Agreements, how to spot Scams and avoid them, Prototyping using 3D, Getting into companies using cold calling, Why patents stop Inventors from inventing, Young S A Inventors showcase … and so much more.

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