IFIA serves as the worldwide hub for individuals passionate about invention and innovation, inventor and invention organizations,
cutting-edge technology events, forward-thinking knowledge,
and collaborative endeavors.


The International Federation of Inventors Associations (IFIA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the culture of invention and innovation, supporting inventors, facilitating technology transfer, and fostering collaboration with relevant entities.

IFIA maintains close partnerships with significant international organizations to achieve its objectives.
It was established in 1968.

IFIA’s primary headquarters is situated in Geneva, Switzerland, and holds official recognition as a public utility organization by the Republic and Canton of Geneva.

IFIA’s secondary headquarters is located in San Francisco, United States, and is registered as a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation Public Benefit Organization in California, United States.


More About IFIA

At the inaugural International Inventors Conference held on July 11, 1968, in London, a significant milestone was achieved as national inventors' associations came together to establish the International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA). Delegates from seven inventor associations representing Denmark, Finland, West Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland convened at this conference, marking the inception of effective
international cooperation in the field.


IFIA serves as a global platform that unites individuals, inventors, and invention associations who are passionate about invention and innovation. This nonprofit organization is committed to fostering the culture of invention and innovation, providing support to inventors, facilitating technology transfer, and forging collaborations with relevant organizations. Throughout its existence, IFIA has tirelessly endeavored to raise public awareness regarding the vital role of inventors in societal welfare and the protection of their rights. Furthermore, IFIA organizes international exhibitions, congresses, and conferences, providing a forum for members to freely engage in meaningful dialogue and exchange perspectives, all aimed at advancing the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. 


IFIA actively arranges international invention exhibitions, scientific seminars, and workshops in collaboration with other international organizations. These events serve as a valuable platform for IFIA members to showcase their innovations and tap into the organization’s vast knowledge pool. Additionally, IFIA hosts the International Congress and Conference, facilitating open dialogues and idea exchanges among its members, all aimed at further nurturing the spirit of invention and entrepreneurship. The networking opportunities provided at IFIA events enable organizations to broaden their contacts and knowledge base, exploring potential collaborations with various stakeholders to drive commercialization efforts.


IFIA brings together more than 175 members hailing from 100 countries, united in their dedicated cooperation to support innovators and inventors worldwide.

Since its establishment, IFIA has faced the ongoing challenge of promoting and spreading the culture of invention and innovation, while tirelessly endeavoring to raise public awareness about the crucial role inventors play in advancing societal well-being. Without inventors, it would be impossible to keep pace with the rapid evolution of modern technologies. Another paramount objective for IFIA is the steadfast protection of inventors’ rights, a cause to which it remains unwaveringly committed.

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