Harry Bartelink

Harry Bartelink

Harry is an electronics fundi who was introduced to electronics when he was 14, and being fanatically interested in the subject, as a young inventor and budding entrepreneur, by age 17 he’d designed and built a disco unit and amplifier during school holidays and weekends where It turned out to be a good way to earn money while still at school!

On leaving school he qualified at the Bulawayo Technicon. He started Bartronics, an electronics security product manufacturing company in 1988, a company he still runs today. Still full of ideas, Harry is still inventing!

His other interests include karate, motorsport, creating/inventing, life coaching, motivational speaking and self-improvement.

He has served as a panelist for the Institute for 8 years and offers advice to inventors on a variety of subjects including electronics, invention process, and prototyping and running a business.

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