The Hall of Fame section on the III website ( showcases South African inventions and inventors, and, passes on the inventors’ experiences, tips and lessons learnt to budding inventors.

The Hall of Fame section is currently located on the home page. With sponsorship, we will create a separate Hall of Fame tab and page on the website.


Minimum R50,000 – 10 articles @ R5,000 per article.


The sponsor’s company name will be associated with the Hall of Fame, i.e. ‘Sasol-III Hall of Fame’, which will translate onto:

  • The ‘Hall of Fame section’ on the III home page;
  • The ‘Hall of Fame page’ on the III website;

Extractsfromeach article will also appear in the monthly EUREKA! III Newsletter.

The sponsor may nominate two inventions for inclusion into the Hall of Fame.

Future marketing: The III intends to promote the Hall of Fameusing Adwords, print media (e.g. Popular Mechanics) and other media.