What we do...


Based in Johannesburg, the III is committed to helping inventors and invention business owners to succeed in today’s rapidly demanding business environment and changing marketplace.

The Institute of Inventors and Innovators offers important information, advice and guidance on all aspects of the invention process which includes IP protection, industrial design, prototyping manufacture, licensing, funding, branding, sales and marketing.

Anyone who has had a good idea and tried to develop it to launch status knows that the Invention process is a long road. All understand too that taking any invention to market is complicated and fraught with barriers to overcome.

Join us and get the help you need to get to where you want to go.


Our History …

The word has changed – and so has the Institute.

Back in 1974 when it was founded by Don Pilkington, the Institute, our
membership and things invention were very different … but of course just as exciting then as things invention are today. Since the early 70’s the III has travelled the hills and dales of long term service to our members and is now stepping up to meet the demands of a new, remote-working, virtual and technological world.

South Africa – a fine history of successful global inventions.

Our Vision …

Our vision is to be the premier provider of positive, affordable
and credible resources to Inventors and Innovators whose products range across all markets.

Our mantra is a
Home for Inventors,
Run by Inventors,
Supporting Inventors

and our vision is to meet this mandate.

We envisage uniting all invention and innovation entities, most especially across our vibrant continent.

South Africa – a proud and inventive nation.

Our Mission …

Our mission is to do whatever we can to promote Invention and Innovation
in Southern Africa and elsewhere. We aim to stay current, agile and
useful and to ensure our unique voice is heard worldwide.
We aim to continue to nurture, develop our international contacts and participate wherever we can.

We concentrate on providing information and assistance to our members which smooths the way ahead for bringing their ideas to market.

South Africa – ‘Start out Right, and the job’s half done’ Zulu proverb

Our Goals and Objectives are…

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To establish III inventor groups in at least four other provinces outside of Gauteng where creative people with ideas about anything and everything can meet to discuss innovation and invention.

To work with the corporate world to introduce and encourage an understanding of open innovation for independent inventors and product developers.

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To encourage, support and teach members how to license and commercialise their product ideas by means of webinars, networking events, Inventors Club meetings and similar.

To offer Inventors access to the most current information on best practices for bringing product ideas to market. By keeping current with international best practices, the III will make this possible

About Us Box 6

To become a leading resource centre for Invention and Innovation in South Africa. This will be done by assessing our inventive world regularly as we continue to add and develop new member services to suit demands.

To encourage and promote South African invention, innovation and manufacture for South Africans by South Africans.

Young Inventors

To develop opportunities for YOUNG INVENTORS by encouraging arranging and promoting events that include all STEAM subjects in celebration of youth innovation and creativity.

To promote active participation in international opportunities such as those provided by Invent Futures.Global and GIFT- The Global Innovation Field Trip.